SAE’s innovative premium products and services solve the most challenging grounding, AC mitigation and cathodic protection issues. SAE was founded in 1990 by Brien Sirola, a Canadian Professional Engineer. Initially, SAE focused on designing and installing electrical grounding systems predominantly in the telecommunication and industrial sectors. SAE’s early grounding designs incorporated extensive horizontal and vertical copper conductor, electrode systems and a conductive backfill. Recognizing the need to continuously improve, in 1995 SAE developed a proprietary conductive carbonaceous concrete backfill. Conducrete® has become an integral component of not only SAE’s grounding designs, but more recently SAE AC mitigation and cathodic protection systems as it improves the performance, extends the useful life and protects the systems from theft.

Based on experience gained by solving complex grounding problems for clients such as NASA, along with years of research and development, SAE has developed a complete line of custom formulated Conducrete® for specific backfill applications.  In 2002, SAE began the innovation process that lead to the development of its revolutionary EnvirAnode™  cathodic protection system. The EnvirAnode™  system, the only environmentally friendly CP system available, has been successfully installed and tested by major customers such as Boardwalk, Buckeye, Chevron, City Public Service San Antonio, El Paso,  Flint Hills, Kereco Energy, Keyera Energy, Marathon and, PG&E.

In 2008, SAE commissioned its state of the art manufacturing facility which now enables SAE to manufacture its own products and to quickly respond to customer requirements.

In addition to further developing its core business, SAE is currently focused on establishing international distribution for its products and services.

Why Choose SAE

  • Experts at what we do since 1990.
  • Improve financial results and ROI.
  • Increase infrastructure RELIABILITY and performance.
  • Lower risk of catastrophic failures and service outages.
  • Reduce legal liability of personnel safety and environmental damage.