AC Mitigation
By SAE Inc. / November 17, 2017

Trying Not to Interfere

Alternating current (AC) interference is one of the major issues facing the pipeline industry today, and this issue has become more prevalent and widely recognised in the past 10 – 15 years. The increasing congestion of the pipeline right-of-ways (ROWs) with collocated high voltage power lines has brought this issue to the forefront. Induced AC current from crossing or parallel power lines can result in AC corrosion on the pipelines when the induced AC current is discharged to the soil through coating imperfections on the pipe, known as holidays. New pipeline coatings and application techniques have improved significantly over the past decades.

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By SAE Inc. / August 16, 2017

SAE Expands Grounding Product Line

SAE Inc., a leading best-in-class grounding solutions manufacturer, is proud to announce the launch of two new products: ConduFlow™ and ConduDisc™. These products can replace traditional grounding backfills and utility ground plates, as well as dramatically transform how companies approach and implement grounding systems.

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Cathodic Protection
By SAE Inc. / June 12, 2017

Oil & Gas: On the up and up

According to Research and Markets, the global oil and gas corrosion protection marketplace will increase to USD 12.2 billion by 2025. The projected forecast period illustrates that the market is expected to gain significant growth within the next decade – this is highly attributed to rising demand from the North America region. Cathodic protection products are widely consumed in various applications oil and gas sectors such as upstream, midstream and downstream.

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By SAE Inc. / May 4, 2017

Lay the groundwork with SAE

At SAE, we offer our clients full turnkey EFI (Engineer, Furnish and Install) grounding services. Our innovative grounding solutions are carefully engineered from detailed on-site soil resistivity data, analysis and computer modeling. To ensure efficient infrastructure operation and ensure public safety, consider the following grounding system specifications outlined by SAE Certified Technicians.

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