Canister Anode

Cathodically protect pipelines, compressor stations, tank and a variety of other applications with SAE’s Canister Anode System. The Canister Anode is a premium product aimed at shallow cathodic protection systems.

SAE’s Canister Anode System provides the following benefits:

  • Longer life-cycle
  • Significant dust reduction, when product is installed with ConduFlow
  • System that can be engineered effectively to satisfy any soil conditions
  • Meets NEC and CEC electrical code and environmental requirements

Similar to our Advance Extended Life Anode (AEL), the core of the Canister Anode consists of a 1″ x 60″ epoxy block center connected MMO anode. The anode is 8″x 72″ and weighs 153 lbs. In addition, the thicker flat anode base allows for placement directly at the bottom of the hole. The Canister Anode is used in conjunction with ConduFlow, a flowable liquid backfill that dramatically reduces dust. It is recommended that you wait 30 days to energize the anode, as ConduFlow requires time to cure.