Conducrete® is a conductive cementitious and carbonaceous material that dramatically enhances the performance, reliability and longevity of grounding systems and cathodic protection systems. The conductive and insulating materials used in the formulation, gives it a capacitive nature. Thus, Conducrete® o­ffers many advantages:

  • Extends the life of grounding systems by a factor of up to 20x
  • Theft resistant and requires minimal maintenance — once Conducrete® sets
  • Compressive strength and low shrinkage allowing it to withstand fault currents
  • High water absorption due to constant hydration
  • Environmentally neutral

Conducrete® can store and release energy the same way that a capacitor will store energy until it is grounded or allowed to release the energy into a circuit. The material absorbs high rise time electrical surges keeping ground potential rise in check and preventing damage.