Choose ConduFlow for the best long-term solution for utility pole, padmount transformer and tower grounding. ConduFlow can also be used as backfill for shallow cathodic protection systems. With an expected in-service time that is up to 20x the industry standard by virtually eliminating electrodes corrosion, you can save both money and materials by choosing SAE product solutions.

ConduFlow offers many advantages:

  • Significant dust reduction
  • Pourable – no need to transfer to mixing container
  • 96% reduction in corrosion of copper
  • Environmentally neutral
  • Extends the life of the grounding system
  • High strength once cured (12-24 hours)
  • Liquid installation adheres well to native material

ConduFlow is a liquid conductive carbonaceous polymer backfill that is manufactured for installation in a pourable form. It can be poured on exposed rock surfaces to protect conductors where trenching is not possible. ConduFlow solidifies and provides corrosion resistance and strength. It can withstand freeze-thaw cycling, prevent accidental damage and theft. It is sold in a five gallon container.