LT MMO Wire©

The EnvirAnode® impressed current cathodic protection (CP) system is a patented product designed for high performance, long life and environmental competence.

EnvirAnode ® offers the following value proposition:

  • Environmentally safe solution
  • Longest lasting performance
  • Best value for your money


The Enviranode® LT system…

  • Is a linear MMO anode
  • Suitable for poor soil conditions (fractured shale)
  • Low current output
  • Installs similar to traditional CP systems
  • Has both vertical and horizontal variations
  • Uses SAE Conducrete®* backfill which sets solid to form a large active column that ELIMINATES AQUIFIER CROSS-CONTAMINATION
  • Requires no vent pipe and thus no gas is released into the atmosphere
  • Has a long life (40+) years due to highly efficient ELECTRONIC TRANSFER OF ENERGY
  • Offers optional watering designs for very dry locales
  • Provides anti-theft design
  • Requires no ground bed surface materials and is livestock and landowner friendly!