EnvirAnode LT (MMO) Wire

SAE Inc. offers innovative products that help you maintain the safety and integrity of your pipelines, while complying with industry regulations. The EnvirAnode® LT System for impressed current cathodic protection (CP) is a premium product aimed at applications that demand high performance, long life and environmental compliance. Thus, the EnvirAnode® LT System offers the following value propositions:

  • Lower resistance for higher output currents with low DC Voltage sources
  • Active zone completely sealed against any aquifer contamination sources
  • Optional watering designs available for very dry locales
  • No ground bed surface materials – livestock and landowner friendly
  • Anti-theft and lower maintenance

EnvirAnode® LT System is a linear MMO anode that is suitable for poor soil conditions. The system installs like traditional Cathodic Protection Systems and is available in both a horizontal or vertical option.