SAE, was founded in 1990 by Brien Sirola a Professional Engineer. SAE’s aims to provide innovative services that solve the most challenging electrical grounding issues, primarily in the United States and Canada.


Even in SAE’s earliest years, SAE’s grounding designs incorporated advanced horizontal and vertical copper conductor, electrode systems, and a conductive backfill.


In 1995, SAE developed a proprietary conductive carbonaceous concrete backfill, Conducrete®®, which amplifies the performance, extends the useful life, and protects systems from theft.


SAE’s innovation process continued in 2002, leading to the creation of the revolutionary EnvirAnode® Cathodic Protection (CP) Systems, which are the only environmentally friendly, long life CP systems available in the world.


In 2008, a state of the art manufacturing facility was commissioned, which now enables SAE to manufacture its own products.


Today, SAE is expanding its core cathodic protection and grounding business and growing distribution internationally. In addition, SAE has launched a variety of new products and services such as ConduDISC (an encased utility pole plate), CONDUFLOW (a liquid conductive backfill CP), and grounding applications.