Land management regulatory bodies are requiring utility and transportation corridors to be shared by a number of corridor services. There can be serious consequences where electrical transmission lines are co-located with metal infrastructure like pipelines. This can lead to increased risk and safety.

SAE engineered AC Mitigation (ACM) pipeline protection system provides high performance electrodes and extremely low maintenance. SAE ACM system effectively dissipates high levels of induced AC current that provides more pipeline protection over a longer life than current solutions, and that can be efficiently installed quickly and easily.


  • Any utility and transportation corridor carrying a mix of electrical transmission lines, pipelines, communication systems, roads and railways, all in close proximity to each other
  • Corridor management who need to ensure that the different corridor participants “play well” together so that one party in the corridor doesn’t disrupt other participants
  • AC mitigation systems to reduce induced voltages in pipelines and other metal infrastructure


  • Large diameter electrodes consisting of a copper core embedded in a solid Conducrete®®* surround
  • The large surface area of SAE electrodes easily handle the dissipation of large amounts of induced current, whether from electrical transmission lines or from lightning strikes
  • Electrode core corrosion is significantly reduced by the protective Conducrete®® layer, further extending the useful lifetime of the electrode
  • Installed electrodes are environmentally neutral, with very low corrosion rates and virtually no gas or particle dispersal into the surrounding soil