CONDUCRETE® is a conductive cementious and carbonaceous material that dramatically enhances the performance, reliability and longevity of grounding systems and cathodic protection systems.

CONDUCRETE® is sold in powder form. It is easy to install dry directly from the bag, or mixed with water in a slurry format and pumped into the trench or hole.


  • Cathodic protection (CP) systems, especially impressed current anti-corrosion systems for metal pipelines
  • AC mitigation systems for pipelines and other metal infrastructure co-located with electrical transmission lines in utility and transportation corridors
  • Any type of grounding or deep anode CP systems to be installed in environmentally sensitive areas, especially where preventing aquifer contamination is a critical concern
  • Grounding, lightning & electrical protection systems across various industries including: electrical utilities, telecommunications, broadcasting, wind farms, mining, oil and gas, industrial, commercial, municipal or domestic
  • Virtually any grounding system installed to reduce EMF and provide a safe working environment
  • Electrical noise mitigation and suppression systems


  • Theft resistant and maintenance free with no hydration or salt replacements required
  • Environmentally Neutral/PH Neutral having no negative impact on the environment even in highly environmentally sensitive areas
  • Extends the life of grounding systems by a factor of 10 and the electrodes protected by CONDUCRETE® will last in excess of 25 years
  • Compressive Strength and Low Shrinkage allowing it to withstand heavy ground fault currents and bond tightly to surrounding soil
  • High water absorption due to constant hydration which is especially important in arid environments

Superior Operating Performance

(Low Impedance, Lower Resistance, Superior Conductivity and Capacitance)

  • Low impedance which is critical to dissipate lightning energy quickly in order to protect assets from damage
  • Lower resistance resulting in superior conductivity
  • Increased Capacitance: The material quickly absorbs high rise time electrical surges keeping ground potential rise in check and preventing equipment interruption and infrastructure damage