Data Acquisition & Analysis

Typical Service Options

SAE offers a number of core investigative services to collect and analyze raw field and location data thereby providing the means to quickly assess and evaluate potential problems, or comply with regulatory requirements. Good data is essential to understanding and correcting problems and deficiencies efficiently and cost-effectively, and can include:

  • Grounding audits
  • GPR (Ground Potential Rise) studies
  • Step and Touch studies
  • System resistance (R-value) testing
  • Soils resistivity testing and measurement
  • Forensic analysis
  • Feasibility studies
  • Noise performance measurement
  • Electromagnetic Field (EMF) radiation testing
  • Other studies and audits as may be required to identify and qualify client issues

Engineering & Design

Principal Activities

SAE approaches its engineering and design activities with a scientific approach that utilizes modern computer modeling techniques and analysis tools, combined with extensive real-world experience. SAE engineering activities include:

  • Design and engineering of impressed current cathodic protection systems for pipelines
  • Design and engineering of AC mitigation systems for utility corridors
  • Design and engineering of site grounding systems, including interior and exterior components
  • Design and engineering of lighting protection and monitoring systems
  • Design and engineering of ambient electrical noise mitigation systems
  • Use of collected site and soils data to develop designs that will meet technical specifications
  • Use of computer modeling to develop and analyze designs and system performance parameters
  • Specification of surge protection devices (SPDs) in grounding and lightning protection designs
  • Other project engineering tasks and design reviews
Computer Modeling Tools

SAE uses the following industry leading computer modeling tools in its grounding and AC mitigation design work:

  • O.W.

Installation & Construction

Deployment Activities

Construction and installation activities are at the heart of SAE project deployments. While clients are welcome to use their own resources to deploy a project using SAE products, it is usually beneficial for clients to outsource all or part of this task to ensure schedules are met and quality standards are maintained in this specialized field. With respect to project deployment activities, SAE offers a package of installation services that can include one or more of the following:

  • Manage project procurements and logistics
  • Assemble construction teams with the required expertise
  • Arrange for and stage specialized construction equipment
  • Provide construction and installation supervision (to either client or SAE deployment teams)
  • QA and final testing

Project Management

Project Management Activities

To deliver competent project management services, SAE provides dedicated resources to…

  • Manage/monitor project plan and deliverables status
  • Manage/monitor project schedules and progress
  • Manage/monitor project financial status
  • Manage/monitor project risks
  • Engage and communicate with client through agreed project reporting structure
  • Develop and manage project processes, including communications plan, work breakdown structure (WBS), work flow and client and subcontractor interfaces
  • Prepare scope of work (SOW) for subcontractor services
  • Evaluate, hire and manage subcontractor services and related communications, as required
  • Manage procurement of main and secondary materials and supplies, including construction equipment required for installation activities
Types of Projects
  • AC mitigation systems
  • Impressed current cathodic protection systems
  • Electrical protection and grounding systems
  • Lightning protection systems
  • Ambient electrical noise mitigation systems