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ConduDisc®: Utility Ground Plate

SAE’s ConduDisc® is an innovative, corrosion proof utility ground plate that last the life of the utility pole. Manufactured using a conductive, polymeric, moulded material that encapsulates a galvanized steel ground plate — it provides a reliable, long lasting utility pole grounding system which ensures equipment performance and safety.

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One and Done Installation

Due to the ease of install and its one size fits all features, a ConduDisc® placed on the bottom of the utility pole during the pole installation is more cost-effective than returning to add grounding at a later date.

A Proud Hydro One Supplier

Hydro One ConduDisc Install - Blog

ConduDisc® is truly the One and Done solution for utility distribution pole grounding. “By utilizing ConduDisc® at every pole, utilities will improve network reliability and SAIDI/SAIFI performance, eliminate future pole grounding maintenance, and save millions of dollars over decades of service life.” –  Todd Sirola, CEO of SAE Inc.

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