Since 1990, SAE Inc. (SAE) has provided its clients with effective and innovative solutions to grounding challenges. SAE offers our clients full turnkey EFI (Engineer, Furnish and Install) grounding services.

SAE provides comprehensive support including custom design and product development, installation and project management services. SAE’s innovative grounding solutions are carefully engineered from detailed on-site soil resistivity data, analysis and computer modeling.

What is Grounding and Why is it Important?

Grounding is arguably one of the least understood, yet most important elements of modern electrical systems and lightning protection designs. According to IEEE-142, grounded means… “Connected toearth or to some extended conducting body that serves instead of the earth, whether the connection is intentional or accidental”.

Without proper grounding, personnel and the general public are at higher risk of shock or electrocution and electrical equipment is at risk of malfunction and irreparable damage from voltage and current surges. It is a fact that lightning and power system ground faults will find a path to ground. The only question is what path the energy will follow. An SAE custom designed grounding system, based upon the specifics of each client’s site, will safely channel and dissipate any errant electrical energy to prevent personnel injury and equipment damage.

SAE Enhanced Grounding Electrodes

SAE enhanced grounding electrodes offer unparalleled electrical and financial performance over competing approaches, notably:

  • SAE electrodes are constructed of Conducrete®, a specially formulated conductive cement that sets up to form molecular bonds between the copper core conductor and soil that enhance energy dissipation, even in difficult, high soil resistivity conditions
  • Engineered SAE electrodes feature low impedance and high capacitive electrical properties – ideal for grounding systems
  • Superlative high energy dissipation characteristics – the large surface area of an SAE electrode keeps surface energy densities low, facilitating better energy dispersal into the soil and preventing high energy damage to the electrode itself, which in turn contributes to excellent longevity, especially under repeated lightning strike events
  • SAE electrodes are built to deliver their high performance, maintenance-free service over very long lifetimes of 25+ years,contributing positively to your financial bottom line
  • Environmentally neutral, SAE enhanced grounding electrodes are sealed to prevent contaminant migration
  • Where site geometry and conditions permit, more horizontal electrodes can be engineered instead of more costly vertical systems.