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Our Story

30+ Years of Trusted Grounding & Corrosion Expertise

Innovative technology that ensures utility safety and reliability

Founded in 1990, SAE initially focused on designing and installing electrical grounding systems predominantly in the telecommunication and industrial sectors.

SAE’s early grounding designs incorporated extensive horizontal and vertical copper conductor, electrode systems and a conductive backfill. Recognizing the need to continuously improve, in 1995 SAE developed a proprietary conductive carbonaceous concrete backfill. ConduCrete has become an integral component of not only SAE’s grounding designs, but more recently SAE AC Mitigation and Cathodic Protection systems as it improves the performance, extends the useful life and protects the systems from theft.

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In 2002, SAE began the innovation process that led to the development of its revolutionary EnvirAnode Cathodic Protection System. The EnvirAnode System, the only environmentally friendly CP System available, has been successfully installed by major customers.

In 2008, SAE commissioned its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility which enabled SAE to manufacture its own products and quickly respond to customer requirements. A decade later, due to increasing product demands, SAE’s corporate headquarters and main manufacturing facility were merged and relocated to 691 Bayview Dr., Barrie, ON.

In 2017, SAE invented and launched an extraordinary product named ConduDisc, a corrosion proof utility pole ground plate that completely took the grounding industry to new levels. Furthermore, the expansion of the SAE conductive backfill collection was advanced with the development of ConduFlow and ConduForm; pourable and formable conductive backfills.

Today, SAE is strengthening and expanding its core grounding solutions. SAE has recently launched a variety of new products including the ConduDisc Flex, a versatile and flexible encased ground plate and our TPG Grounding Screw and TPG Outrigger Pads, included in our new temporary protective grounding line.


Why Choose SAE Products?

  • Significantly improve personnel safety and reduce environmental damage
  • Save money by improving your ROI on installed assets and dramatically reduce your installation expense
  • Gain better performance with increased infrastructure reliability and performance
  • Ensure happier consumers from lower risk of catastrophic failures and service outages

Our History

Founded in 1990, SAE aims to provide innovative services that solve the most challenging electrical grounding issues, primarily in the United States and Canada.
Even in SAE’s earliest years, SAE’s grounding designs incorporated advanced horizontal and vertical copper conductor, electrode systems, and a conductive backfill.
In 1995, SAE developed a proprietary conductive carbonaceous concrete backfill, Conducrete®, which amplifies the performance, extends the useful life, and protects systems from theft.
SAE’s innovation process continued in 2002, leading to the creation of the revolutionary EnvirAnode® Cathodic Protection (CP) Systems, which are the only environmentally friendly, long life CP systems available in the world.
In 2008, a state of the art manufacturing facility was commissioned, which now enables SAE to manufacture its own products.
Today, SAE is expanding its core grounding business and growing North American distribution. SAE has also launched a variety of new products and services such as ConduDisc®, an encased utility pole plate and pourable conductive backfills ConduFlow® and ConduForm™, used for a variety of grounding applications.

Join Our Team

SAE Inc. is a company that has 30 years of experience solving a wide range of corrosion and electrical grounding issues. From simple to complex challenges, we can help with our innovative products and services. We offer patented, environmentally friendly products that deliver the best overall value, through long life and reliability. With over 250 years of combined experience, our technical and engineering support staff is second to none in the industry.

We are a dynamic and growing organization, focused on maintaining an Employer of Choice culture that is committed to providing challenging and rewarding career opportunities. Our employees enjoy competitive compensation packages, robust group benefits and an opportunity to grow professionally within a supportive and stable work environment.

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