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Engineering Design Services  |  AC Mitigation

Shared use corridors can lead to significant induced voltage during normal operations as well as during a fault. Both of these situations can lead to safety concerns for equipment and personnel.


  • Large effective diameter electrodes consisting of a copper core embedded in a solid ConduCrete surround
  • The large surface area of SAE electrodes easily handles the dissipation of large amounts of induced current, whether from electrical transmission lines or from lightning strikes
  • Electrode core corrosion is significantly reduced by the protective ConduCrete layer, further extending the useful lifetime of the electrode
  • ConduCrete is an NSF certified environmentally neutral substance, which can be safely applied and leaves no residual gas or particles in the surrounding soil

AC Mitigation Design

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SAE utilizes a scientific approach that combines modern computer modeling techniques and analysis tools, with extensive real-world experience.

That experience helps bridge the gap between theoretical design and best practice engineering, ensuring the best value for your investment.


  • Site audit and soil testing to develop complete resistivity profiles
  • Site audit, analysis and consultation for stray voltage
  • Impressed current cathodic protection systems for pipelines
  • AC Mitigation systems for utility corridors
  • Lightning protection and monitoring systems
  • Ambient electrical noise mitigation systems


SAE uses the following industry leading computer modeling tools in its grounding and AC Mitigation design work:

  • O.W.