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Videos & Tutorials


Check out e5 Group’s excellent podcast about grounding without rods. Both John Maher and Sean Elliott-Maher from Earthing Services were joined by SAE’s Todd Sirola, Rylan Boyd, and Kris Cox to speak with the ferociously well informed Paul Meenan, David Watts and John Ward. Have a watch, have a listen, and get in touch if you want to talk more.

  Who’s ready for pt. 2! Check out the e5 Group podcast featuring SAE Inc. and Earthing Services staff Todd Sirola, John Maher, Kris Cox, Rylan Boyd and Sean Elliott-Maher. David Watts, Paul Meenan and John Ward get to grips with our range of products and solutions and pass their verdicts.

Will they think they improve electrical safety? Will they see the benefits? Take a watch and see what they think!