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Brien Sirola, President

Brien Sirola is the founder and President of SAE, a private Canadian corporation specializing in effective and innovative solutions to all forms of grounding challenges. SAE engineers, designs, and installs Electrical Grounding, AC Mitigation and Cathodic Protection systems for pipeline, power utility, industrial and commercial applications. SAE has also developed and continues to manufacture a multitude of specialized grounding products including ConduCrete, ConduDisc, ConduForm and ConduFlow. SAE Electrical Grounding, AC Mitigation and Cathodic Protection systems are in service worldwide. Brien has over fifty years of experience having held various senior management positions and has extensive project management experience as well as years of field experience in maintenance of telecommunications equipment. Brien is a licensed Professional Engineer and is the Senior Engineer at SAE, overseeing all engineering projects.

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Todd Sirola, CEO 

Todd Sirola has 30+ years of experience in the corrosion control and grounding product and engineering industries and works with major power utility and telecommunication companies around the world. Power utility safety and properly engineered solutions are a focus of Todd’s work. He is a serious promoter of the correlation between corrosion control and grounding by representation at dozens of international conferences and seminars, having made hundreds of technical program presentations. He has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Economics from York University. He strives each day to continue innovating in an area that requires significant advancements over the next decades to ensure solutions are available to many emerging industry challenges.

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Staci Post, Sales Manager 

Staci Post is responsible for all sales related topics for the company. Staci has 28 years of experience in the Utility Power Industry. She spent 23 years working for Anixter Power Solutions Ontario and focused on Distribution Sales and Management. Staci then joined K-LINE Insulators Limited in 2016 and spent 5 years learning about Manufacturing and was responsible for Global Sales growth. Staci joined SAE Inc. in September 2021 where her focus is on growth and strategic partnerships with clients locally and globally.

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Rylan Boyd, Engineering Manager 

Rylan Boyd is an engineering graduate from the University of British Columbia. Rylan has 10+ years experience designing and implementing sophisticated grounding systems across Canada and the US, specifically for the telecommunications and power utility industries. Rylan also has experience in the design of cathodic protection systems for oil and gas pipeline protection. Corrosion mitigation is a focus of Rylan’s work and effective, long lasting, and environmentally friendly solutions are a key aspect of his designs. Rylan has completed his Professional Engineering license and is currently involved in projects involving industry-first solutions, changing the way telecommunications and power utilities protect their networks and assets.

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Kris Cox, Utility Technical Specialist 

Kris Cox has 30+ years of experience in generation, estimating, and construction — within the power utility sector. Kris successfully orchestrates, engineers, and develops a variety of innovative material products that are used to optimize performance and reduce operational costs. Over the years, he has lent his expertise to a variety of employers including Hydro One, Ontario Hydro, ABB Canada and most recently SAE Inc. A Peterborough native, Kris graduated from Fleming College with an associate degree in Electro-Mechanical Engineering.

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Cori Seed, Marketing Manager 

Cori Seed is responsible for all marketing and brand development activities for our company. Cori has over 20 years experience in sales and marketing, from developing and strengthening company and product brands, to launching new product lines and management of large events and tradeshows. Cori joined the growing SAE team in 2021 where she began redeveloping all of the SAE marketing tools and promotional communications.

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