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AC Mitigation

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Cathodic Protection

Maintain the safety and integrity of your pipelines with SAE’s cathodic protection systems …


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Since 1990, SAE has provided its clients with effective and innovative product solutions …

ConduDisc® SAE-USDA-Approved-Badge

Utility Pole Ground Plate

Increase the reliability and safety of your utility pole network while reducing downtime with SAE’s patented corrosion-proof ConduDisc®: Utility Pole Ground Plate. The ConduDisc® ground plate prevents electrode corrosion and lasts the life of a utility pole.


A revolutionary approach.

Based on experience gained by solving complex grounding problems for clients such as NASA, along with years of research and development, SAE developed Conducrete® conductive backfill for specific applications.


The Green Groundbed©

The EnvirAnode® CP System* for impressed current cathodic protection (CP) is a premium product aimed at applications that demand high performance, long life and environmental compliance.