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Innovative, Grounding and Cathodic Protection.

SAE takes on the tough cathodic protection, AC mitigation and grounding assignments and provides innovative, engineered solutions to protect infrastructure from corrosion, AC induction, lightning strikes and other electrical phenomenon, SAE manufactures a number of unique environmentally friendly, long life products, tailored specifically to corrosion, AC mitigation and grounding challenges.


Since 1990, SAE Inc. (SAE) has provided its clients with effective and innovative solutions to grounding challenges. SAE offers our clients …

AC Mitigation

Land management regulatory bodies are requiring utility and transportation corridors to be shared by a number of corridor services …

Cathodic Protection (CP)

“The Green Groundbed” © The EnvirAnode® CP System for impressed current cathodic protection applications is used where high performance …


SAE manufactures the patented EnvirAnode® CP System, approved for use in deep anode beds and a variety of specialty products …


SAE’s innovative premium products and services solve the most challenging grounding, AC mitigation and cathodic protection issues …


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Utility Pole Ground Plate

Increase the reliability of your utility pole network while reducing downtime with SAE’s ConduDisc® utility pole ground plate. The ConduDisc® ground plate virtually eliminates electrode corrosion and lasts up to 60 years — the life of a utility pole.

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A revolutionary approach.

Based on experience gained by solving complex grounding problems for clients such as NASA, along with years of research and development, SAE has developed a complete line of custom formulated Conducrete® for specific backfill applications.

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The Green Groundbed©

The EnvirAnode® CP System* for impressed current cathodic protection (CP) is a premium product aimed at applications that demand high performance, long life and environmental compliance.