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Cathodic Protection Applications

Oil & Gas

SAE’s EnvirAnode Gen 2 System is the trusted high performance Cathodic Protection (CP) System

EnvirAnode Gen 2 is an improved and innovative system that helps maintain the safety, integrity and environmental compliance of your pipelines and other buried structures.

The large active, low current density EnvirAnode Gen 2 column causes gas to be uniformly distributed over the entire surface, where it is easily absorbed into the soil. By better managing the production and dissipation of out-gassing, vent pipes are not required in EnvirAnode installations, and the overall efficiency of the anode bed is increased.

AC Mitigation

Outstanding Electrical Performance.

Potent electromagnetic fields in shared utility corridors can cause serious corrosion and safety consequences. SAE offers a unique solution with ConduWire, a conductively jacketed wire designed to significantly outperform traditional zinc ribbon or bare wire.

Why Choose the SAE AC Mitigation Solutions?

  • ConduWire is easily installed with conventional wire trenching equipment
  • Excellent head-to-head equivalent performance with bare copper or zinc wire
  • Extended electrode life of up to 20x that of these traditional systems
  • Easy to strip jacket for conventional connectors