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Cathodic Protection Applications

Oil & Gas

SAE’s EnvirAnode allows for the installation of systems that cross through potable water aquifers. Due to the design of the system, carbon degradation only occurs in the Conducrete column where the EnvirAnodes are installed.

To protect the aquifer from contamination, it is recommended that no EnvirAnodes be installed 50 ft. above and below the aquifer. With a permeability of 2.0 x 10^-8 cm/sec, the Conducrete column will prevent the migration of contaminates within the well, ensuring potable water aquifers remain unharmed.

The EnvirAnode LT System is a linear MMO anode that is suitable for poor soil conditions. The system installs like traditional Cathodic Protection Systems and is available in both a horizontal or vertical option.

Gas Utility

Cathodically protect pipelines, compressor stations, tank and a variety of other applications with SAE’s Canister Anode System. The Canister Anode is a premium product aimed at shallow cathodic protection systems.