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Electrical Grounding Applications

Power Utilities

SAE will ensure that your grounding system meets or exceeds all relevant safety standards and all electrical codes. Relevant standards include IEEE 80* Guide for Safety in AC Substation Grounding and IEEE142 – Recommended Practice for Grounding of Industrial and Commercial Power Systems, NEC, CEC and OESC/ESA**.


Green. Ground. Protect.

Grounding Challenges in the Renewable Energy Sector:

  • Service interruptions caused by lightning strikes due to poor or inadequate grounding strategy and systems
  • Damage to equipment and infrastructure by power system ground faults
  • Risk of premature failure (due to corrosion) of grounding systems built with traditional techniques and materials
  • Personnel safety hazards due to improper or deficient grounding systems
  • Sensor and control system failures due to unwanted ambient electrical noise and EMF radiation that can disrupt equipment and cause service interruptions

What Applications Will Benefit

  • Wind farms
  • Solar farms
  • Hydroelectric facilities
  • Electrical substations

Telecom / Broadcast

Enhanced Asset Reliability.

Grounding Challenges in the Telecom and Broadcast Sector:

  • Lost time and revenue costs caused by equipment and infrastructure damage due to lightning strikes and AC power main ground fault currents
  • Noise and electrical interference caused by improper grounding practices and shared systems whose individual grounding systems may conflict with each other thus producing a degraded signal quality or costly service interruption
  • Safety of onsite personnel and corporate liability exposure

SAE optimizes your grounding solution for maximum performance through advanced engineering and computer aided design.

Using our patented and unique ground enhancement products, we provide robust, corrosion proof and long-lasting solutions for your most difficult challenges.