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Engineering Design Services  |  Complete Solution

Since 1990, SAE Inc. has provided our global clients with effective and innovative solutions to grounding challenges. We offer a full range of Engineering services from soil resistivity measurements and grounding audits through to complete turnkey design, product installation and project management.

SAE provides comprehensive support including custom design and product development, installation and project management services. Our innovative grounding solutions are carefully engineered from detailed on-site soil resistivity data, analysis and computer modeling.

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  • System conditions
  • Soil and geological assessments
  • “Soft dig” verification
  • Best practice review
  • New / existing / expansions
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Grounding Design

  • Interior / exterior
  • Fault current / Step & Touch / GPR
  • CDEGS advanced software simulation and modelling
  • Full design package for construction bid
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Grounding System Installation

  • Horizontal and vertical solutions
  • Project management
  • Post construction ground resistance testing
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What is Grounding and Why is it Important?

Without proper grounding, personnel and the general public are at higher risk of shock or electrocution and electrical equipment is at risk of malfunction and damage.

Survey / Audit

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SAE offers a comprehensive range of engineering support to ensure safe, reliable and cost effective operations.

We work directly with your field and engineering team to complete on-site reviews, guaranteeing a practical and fit-for-purpose solution.


  • Grounding audits
  • System resistance (R-value) testing
  • Soil resistivity testing and measurement
  • Feasibility studies
  • GPR (Ground Potential Rise) studies
  • Step & Touch studies

Grounding Design

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SAE utilizes cutting edge advanced software modelling to design grounding systems that will perform both during normal operations and under fault conditions.

We balance competing demands and methodologies with current innovations to optimize new and remedial designs.

All SAE grounding designs consider and follow IEEE standards.


  • Lightning and fault management
  • AC Mitigation in utility corridors
  • Substation grid design and remediation
  • Padmount transformer grounding
  • Communication facility grounding systems
  • Call center facility grounding systems
  • Tower grounding systems

Ground System Installation

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SAE offers a complete project management and construction supervision service to ensure designs are installed safely and efficiently.

We use practical experience to ensure your work methods are fully supported.


  • Complete sub contract management
  • Sub contract drilling and ground well installation
  • Project management and on-site review
  • Post construction ground resistance testing