The SAE engineered ConduFlex AC Terminator is a high performance, minimal maintenance AC Mitigation electrode. The ConduFlex AC Terminator effectively dissipates elevated levels of induced AC current and provides more pipeline protection over a longer life than current solutions.

ConduFlex offers a variety of benefits:

  • Water impermeable, reducing corrosion of the copper core
  • Maintains excellent electrical performance characteristics over extended lifecycle
  • pH neutral and chemically stable for low environmental impact
  • Designed for fast, efficient continuous installation process
  • Offers lower total cost of ownership (TCO)

The ConduFlex AC Terminator is manufactured similar to Seal For Life’s (SFL) Anodeflex product and consists of a cotton sleeve containing a copper cable, encased in Conducrete® backfill. The larger diameter electrodes consisting of a copper core are embedded in Conducrete® and a hygroscopic carbonaceous material that “sets-up” to form solid, robust electrodes. Thus, making the installed electrodes environmentally neutral, with very low corrosion rates.