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From the ground up

There are many risks associated with inadequate telecom and broadcast grounding. Recurring issues such as equipment and infrastructure damage due to lightning strikes and ground fault currents can be very costly to repair. System noise and electrical interference caused by improper grounding practices and conflicting shared systems can also inhibit the owner to provide the network reliability demanded in today’s culture. Due to SAE’s product innovation and modern solutions, companies are now able to ensure their sophisticated networks and electrical systems are protected with a grounding system worthy of the task.

Designed with both resistance and impedance in mind, SAE’s grounding systems successfully mitigate the risk of equipment damage by quickly and efficiently dissipating surge energy. SAE designs telecommunication tower grounding systems to meet or exceed industry standards and lower surge impedance, decrease ground resistance and protect from corrosion and conductor theft.

SAE’s grounding solutions include a variety of conductive backfills: Conducrete®, ConduFlow® and ConduForm™, to enhance electrode horizontal and vertical grounding conductor installations. All backfill products can absorb and release high rise-time electrical surges, effectively preventing damage to sensitive equipment.

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