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Lay the groundwork with SAE

Grounding is arguably one of the least understood, yet most important elements of modern electrical systems and lightning protection designs. According to IEEE-142, grounded means… “Connected to earth or to some extended conducting body that serves instead of the earth, whether the connection is intentional or accidental”.

Without proper grounding, personnel and the general public are at greater risk of shock or electrocution. In addition, electrical equipment is also susceptible to malfunction and irreparable damage from voltage and current surges. It is a fact that lightning and power system ground faults will find a path to ground – what path the energy will follow is often uncertain and hazardous.

At SAE, we offer our clients full turnkey EFI (Engineer, Furnish and Install) grounding services. Our innovative grounding solutions are carefully engineered from detailed on-site soil resistivity data, analysis and computer modeling.

To ensure efficient infrastructure operation and ensure public safety, consider the following grounding system specifications outlined by SAE Certified Technicians:

Exterior Grounding Considerations:

  • The system must be low impedance, achieved through low resistance, low inductance and high capacitance
  • The system must allow for high energy dissipation for lightning strikes and line-to-ground faults
  • The system must be strategically oriented
  • The system must be able to withstand harsh environmental factors and be corrosion resistant
  • The system must be configured to allow for theft deterrence

Interior Grounding Considerations:


  • Grounding system must be configured to be “Single Point”
  • Grounding system must be PANI configured
  • Surge Protection Devices must be installed in consideration of AC Power System, incoming telecom, transmission lines and intranet lines
  • Structural lightning protection must be installed
  • Proactive lightning detection system may be considered

SAE provides products and engineering services that ensure reliability, long life, and high-quality grounding systems. For more information please contact our head office at 1-877-234-2502.