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Press Releases:

Press Releases
  • SAE Welcomes Mike Arnew as Chief Operating Officer

    Barrie, ON – January 08, 2021 – SAE Inc. (SAE) is pleased to announce and welcome Mike Arnew as Chief Operating Officer.  Mike brings with him 30+ years of management, strategic development, and plan execution experience. As Chief Operating Officer, Mike will work closely with...Read More
  • SAE COVID-19 Response

    Update:  Friday, March 25, 2022 Valued SAE Customer, SAE has continued to operate during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our staff members are available to assist you with any questions you may have about our products and services. Like all of you, we have been monitoring the...Read More
  • SAE and Impulse Technologies Form Distributor Partnership

    SAE Inc., a leading manufacturer of innovative grounding solutions, is pleased to announce that it has partnered with Canadian-based company, Impulse Technologies LTD (Impulse). The agreement involves the stocking and distribution of SAE’s innovative grounding products throughout the province of Ontario to service the industrial...Read More
  • SAE & PowerTel: A Joint Force

    SAE’s innovative products and services solve the toughest grounding challenging. Since 2018, SAE Inc. (SAE) has partnered with PowerTel & Associates, Inc. (PowerTel) to further strengthen its presence in the U.S. market. As an authorized manufacturer’s representative firm, PowerTel exclusively serves electric utility customers in...Read More


Recent Posts
  • Effective Communication Tower Grounding Design

    Effective Communication Tower Grounding Design

    Downtime for telecommunication services can be incredibly costly in terms of lost profits and negatively impact a service’s reputation in the eyes of inconvenienced customers. One of the most common sources of downtime for telecommunications is damage due to improper surge protection on equipment. Power...Read More
  • Common Ground: How Cathodic Protection & Grounding Relate

    Common Ground: How Cathodic Protection & Grounding Relate

    Rylan Boyd, SAE Inc., explains grounding engineering and how relates to cathodic protection design through the utilization of innovative grounding tools and software.  Aside from the design and manufacturing of SAE’s EnvirAnode impressed current cathodic protection system, SAE has been designing and installing grounding systems for...Read More
  • Trying Not to Interfere

    Trying Not to Interfere

    Charlie Poore, SAE Inc., USA, recalls how a team of experts applied innovative technology to solve an AC interference and mitigation issue in a harsh environment. Alternating current (AC) interference is one of the major issues facing the pipeline industry today, and this issue has...Read More
  • Deep Anode Bed in a Flowing Artesian Aquifer

    Deep Anode Bed in a Flowing Artesian Aquifer

    In April 2013, the Las Vegas Valley Water District attempted to install a 500-ft (152-m) deep anode bed for an impressed current cathodic protection system. This depth was required to minimize stray current effects on nearby utilities. Before the anodes could be installed, ground water...Read More
  • Lay the groundwork with SAE

    Lay the groundwork with SAE

    Grounding is arguably one of the least understood, yet most important elements of modern electrical systems and lightning protection designs. According to IEEE-142, grounded means… “Connected to earth or to some extended conducting body that serves instead of the earth, whether the connection is intentional...Read More

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